We are the stories we tell.

I am a writer. An artist. A traveler. An Earthling.
I find inspiration in people. It is in their stories. Our trials and our shortcomings. It is in smiles and long distances.
I am an intuitive psychic and an empath. Each piece that I craft is done carefully and full of love. I live in northern California in the heart of the wine country. There is a vortex here that is truly remarkable.
I like to tell stories.
Orgone is a story.
Every crystal has been somewhere. Has traveled vast distances before it comes into my possession. I respect each living piece.
In 2016 I had the opportunity to visit the middle east and to meet the people there. They were loving and welcoming. Everyone wants to be accepted. Everyone wants peace. I believe that we all crave the same thing. We only deny it to each other and consequently, ourselves because there is something that is broken about humankind. I believe that we fix it and we will.
In 2015 I walked the Camino de Santiago from France across northern Spain to the coast in Finesterre (890 kilometers). It changed my life in ways too many to number. I met the love of life, and together, we celebrated in Santiago while sitting at a table with friends whom had become our family. In the pictures, we counted 22 people from 11 different nations. But we weren't Americans, or Spaniards, or Danes, or Aussies. We were pilgrims. We were equal. We all suffered from the same blisters, the same sore feet and exhaustion. The same hangovers. We all walked the same trail and our own path upon it. The Camino broke down my fears and rebuilt me. The things I wanted to do before couldn't have been done because I wasn't ready. I have now become initiated into the brother and sisterhood of the cult of humanity. I am ready. My time has come.
I express myself through orgone and stories. I wish to share the love I have received and been blessed with. I want to make the world a better place. I see it. I feel it. It is coming, and you and I are the ones who will make it happen.
Don't be a bystander in your own life. Play and get off of the sidelines. Get dirty, be filled, let your cup overflow.
Namaste. Ulteria.

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