• A Fairy Gift

    ...even though humans came from the stars, they forgot how to use their starlight. We fairies are light elements and so our eyes have trouble seeing beings which do not shine.
  • Dear Earth-Child, (A message from a time traveler)

    What you have been told is only partial truth. It is a version of the truth, which means that it is a lie. The list of lies about your nature is long and distinguished. The first and greatest of these is your mortality.
  • The Secret Magic

    I have a secret. My darling beloved.... but it comes with a price. Ignorance is not bliss, it's damn expensive.
    My secret will cost you your ignorance.
  • The Battle of the Wisps (How to recover your imagination)

    You see dear reader, human beings alone posses an imagination. It is how we were able to outwit the Dark One before and he is jealous and shamed of his loss. Very young humans have the strongest imaginations. A Wisp is skilled in the tactics and patterns of Crucible methods but she is helpless to confront them on her own. Only a human child can defeat and overcome the Crucibles.
  • Himalayan Salt in Orgone- An Unsung Hero

    Himalayan Salt a.k.a. Halite is the accumulation and totality of everything that we need on a chemical level. It is an eadible crystal. But the ancient teachings of cultures across the globe realized that the healing benefits of halite transcend the physical.

    I have found that in my experimentation that by combining quartz with halite the positive effects of the Orgone Energy are amplified and the results are amazing.
  • You Are Not Alone

    Do you feel alone and isolated on an island of visions and expanded awareness that no one else understands? You are not alone.
  • What is Orognite?

    "There is no wrong way to use organite."