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That night she lay restless in her bed. It had been many days since she had been able to dream. It had been many days without a dream stone.
But in a way she did dream. Voices came to her. Soft angelic voices whispered things in a language she did not understand. They were gentle and welcoming.

She remembered the shore cave where she found the glowing green trinket. Still without a dream stone, she returned to retrieve it. But it was gone. Her heart sank like an anchor.
Not knowing what she was looking for next, she swam up the beach rock and perched herself upon it to listen to the waves as mermaids sometimes do.
Then she noticed a man standing on the beach. It was the sage.
He called out to her, but she slipped into the sea.

When she returned to her cave, she decided that there was nothing on this island for her, and made plans to move on to another place the next day.
Except, that when she drifted off into sleep like a plankton carried by the ocean currents, she heard the voices again. They were signing this time. She felt peace for the first time since Atlantis fell and she left her home in humiliation. Instead of leaving, she waited. She waited for the light to fade and glowing night creatures to come out. She waited for sleep.
It happened again, then the next night. And the next.

The two eels whom she had met before returned to her on the third day.
"Are you the one who was called?" they starred at her.
"You already asked me that."
"Did we?" one looked at the other. "Did you?" they asked each other. Then they turned to her and together they said, "we don't recall."
"Go away," scorned Mia.
Disregarding her request they swam around her. "What a lovely tail you have!"
"Stop it. I don't appreciate you teasing me."
"But we mean it!"
"I already told you it's broken. I showed you!"

Frustrated at the absent minded eels she swam to the surface to get rid of them. She returned to the beach where she met the sage and the prince a few days before.
Standing on the beach was the sage. The sage waved to her and gestured for her to come closer. This time she came up the shoreline to meet him. There was something about him that drew her to him. Was it curiosity or something deeper? She could not say.
"Sweet child," he said as he leaned on his staff, "what troubles you?"
She glanced at his pouch but did not speak.
"You are not at the gathering," he said.
Startled that he knew of it she drew back.
"It will last for one full moon cycle. Then the mer-people will return to their homes." He looked at the cliffs behind the beach. "The humans will also have a ceremony. Thanks to you, our prince will be able to participate and fulfill his role. It is a very important one." He paused and looked at the nervous mermaid.
"Were you waiting for something?" she finally asked.
"Yes, you," he said.
Mia turned away with embarrassment.
"I believe you are special, and you have come to help us."
"No!" she snapped, "I'm not special." She looked at her tail and continued, "I can't help you, I already tried."
"Yes," he said, "my messengers told me." He leaned in closer and in a soft gentle voice he whispered, "you are not broken."
"The eels?" she shouted. "The eels are your messengers? They can't remember a word I say! How can they be of any use as messengers?!" She was angry and frustrated.
The sage gazed at her and let her calm down for a moment.
"Eels are very misunderstood creatures," he finally said. "But they have assured me, that you are the one who has been called."
"Stop it, stop it, stop it!" Mia cried out. "I wanted to help the humans! If I could be like the others I would have gone to the gathering! But I am a useless freak and I am of no value to anyone!" Her eyes swelled up with the salty sea water that crashed on to beach like her hurt and disappointment.
The sage watched closely as the little mermaid, in all her tenderness poured out a pain that he knew only too well.
"You can't shed your scales," the sage pointed to her tail, "you can't do what the rest of the mer-folk are gathering to do right now."
"How did you know that?"
The sage smiled and handed her the pouch with the orgonite gazing stones. "This is your gift."
With stained cheeks, she slowly reached out to take the stones. She held them in her hands and the hum that radiated out from them filled her with warmth and calm. She wiped her face and looked at the sage. "I can't," she said.
Just then the stones began to change, they hummed more loudly and began to vibrate in her palms. They rose up one by one a few inches from her face.
The sage smiled and he stood upright. No longer leaning on his stick, his frailness began to fade. Six other men appeared on the beach but Mia was not frightened. The peace that came from the orgonite was so strong that her fears and sorrow and self pity were completely gone.
The orgonite stones began to spin counter clockwise and drew themselves closer together. They appeared to be melting into each other. As they did, they rearranged themselves into a beautiful glowing green trinket.
"That's the trinket I was looking for when I found the prince!"
The other men were in the water now. "That was a decoy," said one of them.
"Before Atlantis was destroyed, all of our knowledge, sacred power and energy was stored in three emerald tablets."
"The Martians were looking for them and for us," Said another.
"We disguised ourselves to avoid detection."
"The tablets however, are not so easy to hide. So we used and ancient secret to protect the tablets."
"We shattered them into pieces."
"It was a very risky thing to do. Because there is only one way to put them back together." The seven sages fell silent.
"How?" asked Mia.
"The tears of a mermaid," said the sage.
"But mermaids can't cry," she replied.
"Can they?" he asked.
"my sweet child, there is a reason you can't shed your scales. Do you know what tears are?"
The little mermaid thought about it for a second.
He continued, "the compassion that fills you, the pain the loss, the love you have for your family and the Atlanteans, the voices that sing to you at night.....
Mermaids can't dream without a dream stone, yet you do. Just like the tears that you are shedding now." He reached out and wiped one from her soft face.
The prince stepped forward. "Its happening!" he cried.

The stone tablet rose higher and grew larger. It split off again into three more pieces. The etchings appeared and an energy vortex slowly opened up in the center of the circle on the water where they were all standing. Mia, perched upon her rock also was a part of the circle.
The vortex grew larger and the men raised their voices with a single chant. It was the same hum that she heard before, from the orgonite and in her dreams.
One by one, the tablets were sucked into the vortex and disappeared. When they were all gone, the energy opening closed up and the sages lowered their heads and their voices.

"Where did they go?" asked Mia.
"They are with our brothers and sisters at another temple."
"On Earth?"
"Yes, the Earth is their home. They will not leave."
"We are not equipped to protect them any more. They are safer there."
"What will you do?" the little mermaid scanned their faces.
"We will move on. Our work as keepers has passed into other hands now."
The sage stepped forward, "thank you sweet child, you have saved us. Your gift is more precious than all of the scales of the sea."
The little mermaid blushed. She was beaming with joy and contentment. Then her smile fell away. "I can't go home. The others would never believe me."
"They don't have to."
"What's this?" The sage reached down into the waves and picked up a shinny stone from the sand.
"For you." He placed the stone in her hand.
The prince stepped forward. "You are our savior. A goddess among mankind. That is an orgonite that will allow you to move between our two worlds. You can cry, you can dream..... and you can love."
Mia studied the stone.
"Your love moved you to save me instead of the trinket. I know how much dream stones mean to the mer-folk," he said. "What you demonstrated was nothing short of unconditional love."
As the prince was speaking Mia's tail began to split apart. Where a broken scaled tail once haunted her, human legs appeared.
The sages smiled and disappeared.
The little mermaid stood on the beach holding an organite in one hand, and the gentle hand of a prince in the other.

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The gift of kings.
Tears of the Sun.
The symbol of power.
Be successful. Be amplified. Be loved.
Gold stimulates the circulatory system and speeds up metabolism.
Gold is associated with the crown chakra. Open your third eye. See the world as it is meant to be. Create it. Drink it in and let yourself be intoxicated with the richness of its love and beauty.

The birthstone of August. A truly remarkable stone. Peridot is one of only stones not formed on the surface of the earth’s crust… it is forged in the fires of Mordor and only the true of spirit and heart can extract it without developing blistering sores. Actually, Peridot and Diamonds are the only two crystals that are formed in molten lava in the upper mantle and then forced to the surface through tectonic activity. These little green guys had a long way to go before they ever saw the light of day!
Peridot have been found inside of meteorites! Alien worlds and space travel! Wow. Peridot also only comes in one color. Green. Olive. Ivy. Mint. Verdure. I mean it when I say this really is a remarkable stone.
Because peridot had to go through all of this madness to reach us it has been regarded as a very sacred stone of protection by the ancients. Use it to ward off curses, nightmares, dark magic and other ilk. Use it to overcome fear, jealousy, resentment and grudges.
Peridot is associated with the heart chakra. Learn to trust again. Let go and live.

*****Shell *****
Abalone shell is an excellent companion when needing guidance in relationships. It enhances the four C's--communication, cooperation, commitment and compromise, which lead to harmony and balance. Abalone shell enhances expression, in both word and deed. It allows us to understand both sides of any issue by placing us in the other person’s “shoes".

*****Iron Pyrite*****
(Fools Gold) The golden luster of this intense crystal is so much fun to work with. Iron pyrite is an energy generating crystal that brings good fortune to business maters and boosts personal energy levels. Keep it at your desk at work and in the car (I personally swear that I get better gas milage when I keep iron pyrite in the car… can anyone say road trip?!)
Take action!
Get motivated!
Stagnation and mental blocks be gone!
This is a masculine stone with strong male energies. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra and is a “get er done” crystal. Who needs Red Bull when you can have iron pyrite?

Shungite is the trump card of orgone. It amplifies the healing and vibrational effects off all crystals it comes into contact with. It balances out the right and left side of the body while neutralizing negative energies an especially electro magnetic radiation caused by EMFs.
This incredible crystal has electric conductivity properties and only comes from one place: Karelia, Russia.
Shungite is the ultimate purifier and protector.
Be calm.
Be purified.
Be aware.
Shungite has incredible healing and anti-bacterial properties. It transforms the vitality of water. Did I say it protects against harmful radiation?
What could be better than sleeping with a shungite stone next to your head or placing it next to your computer? Amplify this amplifier with orgone POR energies!!!!!
Really, why would you leave home without it?


Each piece I create contains Quartz. Quartz is the power player of Orgonite® energy generators. Without it, orgone accumulates negative OR (orgone energy) but cannot convert it. Quartz is the key player in Orgonite® that cleanses the negative energy.

Clear quartz has been referred to as the "supreme gift of mother earth"... the ancients believed these stone to be alive taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and so many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the divine... It can accelerate the fulfillment of prayers and intensify healing and spiritual growth." Also a very powerful tool for manifesting of goals.

Wearing and meditating on clear quartz opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, allowing the realm of the spirit to be transmitted and translated into the world of physical form."

This is a one of a kind piece. The polished surface makes for an excellent rubbing stone for meditation and concentration. Orgone loves to be touched!

"Orgonite" is a word used to describe devices made of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials usually cast in a crystalized fiberglass resin. They naturally generate orgone energy which is a the way birkland energy currents materialize in physical matter.

The Earth generates it's own energy field and all living organisms are sensitive to it's vibrations. In today's busy society we are blasting ourselves with EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) and many people are demonstrating physical responses to this un-natural force field.
Orgonite® pyramids, pendants and "tower busters" are an inexpensive and powerful way to counteract the negative affects of wifi signals, smart meters, cell phone radiation and cell tower frequencies that we can no longer escape in the developed world.

I take great care in making sure that each one of my pieces is made correctly according to Wilhem Reich's descriptions of "vital energy generators" that he discovered/created at the turn of the twentieth century. My crystals are hand picked from local crystal suppliers. I believe in supporting local businesses and it is very important the energies of the crystals I use are pure and vibrant.
I NEVER buy my crystals from an unknown supplier.

Each piece is carefully made over the course of several days and I always make sure that I am feeling clear and open when I make them. If I am stressed or for any reason not feeling well I STOP, and wait until the negative block has passed before I resume any Orgonite® pendant or pyramid. It is critical to me that I be able to feel loving energy and that I am open to the messages coming from the crystals I use.

Please contact me if you have any questions about how I make them or if you need a specific area addressed in your life. I can direct you to the perfect piece or if I don't have it, I will make it for you.

Peace, blessing and joy. -Elizabeth

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