Lemurian Orgonite® Necklace- Emapath Protection Orgone Energy Generator- Life Energy Healing Orgone necklace- Orgonite pendant


Lemurian Orgonite® Necklace- Emapath Protection Orgone Energy Generator- Life Energy Healing Orgone necklace- Orgonite pendant
1-1/2" (38 mm) in diameter x 1/2" (12.7 mm) deep
Comes with a brass claps and 18" black or steel memory wire cord necklace.

Once, not so long ago.....
Under the sea was a world full of life and color and Mer-people. They lived symbiotically with all life, including humans. Then the world spun out of control as tragedy paid a painful visit to their closest friends....

When Atlantis sunk into the depths of the abyss (it was destroyed by a warring race that was trying to take over the emotions of the humans that live here on Earth, but that is another story for another time), it was believed that all was lost.

It was a tragedy greater than the burning of the library of Alexandria. It erased our collective knowledge which had taken millennia to accumulate. The humans were peaceful and ruled by a select group of ascended masters called The Philosopher Kings.

All of creation cried out as the waves roared and the ground shook. Temples fell, the moon grew cold and the Sun stood still. As he looked upon the destruction of Atlantis, he shook his head and went back the other way. To this day the Sun, rises where he once set and sets where he once rose. The Sun is in mourning. Still.

But the Mer-people refused to give up hope.
Mer-folk cannot cry. Instead they release their fears and negative energy through their sacred scales. In honor of the Atlanteans they plucked the scales from their tails and set them adrift in ceremony. Like Chinese lanterns, each glowing, iridescent scale, a spirit in it's own right, wandered the ocean in search of a body to attach it's self too. It is said that mermaid scales, more precious than white gold, are a cosmic compass that will lead and navigate a lost soul through the cosmos. All mermaid scales point in one direction: towards the Tree of Life. You see dear reader, Mer-people never lost their connection to the origin of creation. Their veins still pulse with the sacred waters from which all creation sprung. The everlasting waters that pour out from the roots of the tree. It is believed that in order for a soul to evolve it must go back to the source, the source of all life, The Tree and the Living Waters.

A Mermaid scale is the greatest gift any human can receive.

Many of their own kind also perished in the tragedy. Every surviving mermaid, man and child was called to gather for this unprecedented ceremony. And they came! From every ocean, sea and bay, they came. Even the Selkies came to watch the spectacle. The mermaids sang the ancient songs of their ancestors. Their voices carried through the waters charging the entire Earth with their healing power. Their gathering was so large that the sky beings who watch over the Earth could see them through the depths of the waters. The Atlantic ocean changed color as their tails reflected the suns rays and rainbows of prism water radiated away from them. It was an unprecedented gathering. No one in the history of the water folk could remember such a time. Everyone was there.

Except for one little mermaid.

Her name was Mia.

She did not go because she was rebellious or stubborn, nor did she get lost. She mourned just like the rest of her family. She hid in a secret cave and waited.

But she wanted to go! Oh did she ever! Dear reader, if I can do justice by my humble words and describe to you pain she felt, would you indulge me? Mia felt a deep pit open upside of her as waves of sorrow swelled through her chest. Her hands shook and her tail curled.
She cursed her broken tail.

After many days, when she was sure that no one else was around she swam out. Like a timid grouper or octopus she felt her way through the rocks and emerged with the greatest care not to be seen. Her home was not far from the sunken city so she swam East.
She refused to look at her tail.

Her chest still heaved as her pain belted itself out. Alone and in a part of the sea that she had never seen before she felt even more helpless than before. The dolphins avoided her and the fishes cared not. Only the clams in the giant beds gave her any notice.
Then one day after swimming for an eternity for a little mermaid she came to an unnamed island.
She did not know what she would do there of why this the way she traveled, but Mia felt a pull and this is where it stopped. Of course dear reader, what she did not know was that she was a very special mermaid and that forces from another dimension were smiling upon her and guiding her to place that needed her help.
That night she slept in a sponge bed beneath an outcropping. Tiny orange and yellow fishes mumbled to themselves at the appearance of the strange creature in their home.
Her long flowing hair waved like kelp as she tried to dream but could not. She forgot to bring her dream stone.
When she awoke the next morning, two eels were waiting for her.

"Are you the one who was called?" they asked in unison.
Startled at their presence and the question she said nothing. She looked down upon her ugly wretched tail and gave a deep sigh.
"Called for what?" asked Mia
The two eels looked at each other. "To save the humans," they replied.
"No. I swam away from home," she said, "I can never go back."
The eels were perplexed by her answer.
Mia continued, "my tail is broken. My scales are stuck. I can never show my face again. I didn't go to the gathering."
"You tail is beautiful!" they cried. They circled her like a double helix inspecting her gorgeous tail. "Yessss, yesss, yesss," they hissed, "most definitely prettier than most."
"Please go away and leave me alone." She turned around and began to swim through the caves beneath the island. The eels followed.
Whispering amongst themselves they watched as she searched for a grotto to make her home.
"What do you want?" she snapped at them, "leave me alone."
"Your tail doesn't look broken to us," they said.
Mia stopped and picked up a piece of razor sharp coral. She waved it at them as her cheeks filled with color and her heart pounded. With shame and disgust she tore away at her own flesh. "Look!" she cried, "nothing! Nothing is happening!"
Confused, the eels swam off.

Mia spent the rest of the day putting together a proper mermaid bed. She collected trinkets and shells and stones and set them gently on top of each other. It was almost complete but the final piece, a dream stone was missing.
She swam up to the surface to look for one.
It is important to note dear reader, that every mer-bed must have a dream stone. This must be a trinket collected from the human world. This requires our little mermaid to go to the surface. It is rare to see a mermaid, but if you do, there is a good chance that she is looking for something shiny and smooth and man made to use for her dream stone.
Mia looked and looked. This island did not appear to be inhabited and there was no sign of human activity. Which meant no trinkets. Depressed and tired she prepared to return to the sea when she noticed a green glow coming from a nearby cave. She swam over to it and discovered the most beautiful dream stone she had ever seen. It was thin and wide and had etchings on both side. She was about to grab it when she noticed a man, unconscious and nearly dead rocking back and forth in the foamy waves. Torn between the green human stone and the human, she remembered the people of Atlantis. They were kind to her family and brought much abundance to the mer-people. And so she put the tablet back and brought the man to shore. As she sat over him, being the presence of another, made her feel only more lonely than before.
Waves of emotion crashed inside of her and the tide of pain and something else she did not recognize rose so high that it poured out of her eyes. The sweet wetness dripped down upon the strange man and he began to move.
Startled, Mia moved back and watched. He opened his eyes and slowly sat up. Just as he did, an old sage hobbled onto the beach.
She slipped back into the waves and watched them from a nearby rock.
"Please don't go!" The sage shouted.
Mia ducked behind the rock.
The sage bent over to check the man whom she had just rescued. "Your gonna be just fine," he said. "You are very lucky."
He looked up at the rock where Mia was hiding. "Please, sweet child, I must offer you a gift for saving the prince."
She still did not move.
Slowly he sage approached the water, he was limping. He carried only a staff and small pouch in his waist belt. "I won't hurt you," he said.
The nervous mermaid poked her head out and looked at him. She did not speak. Her eyes swelled and her heart cried out. She came out a little more and allowed him to enter the water.
"My sweet child," he said, "thank you for what you have done." He put his hands together in a gesture of thanks.
Still she did not speak.
"I believe you are looking for a dream stone."
Her eyes lit up as the mention of it.
"I am afraid that I had to flee in the middle of the night. All I have with me are my orgonite gazing stones." He held out his pouch.
"Are you from Atlantis?" she finally asked.
"Yes," he said. "My people are weak. We have lost something most precious to us."
"The city," she said.
"No, that can be replaced." He took a deep breath and his eyes became wet. "This cannot." He looked over at the young man laying on the beach. "The prince was one of our guardians. He almost perished trying to protect it."
The sage seemed to be speaking in riddles and the little mermaid studied him as he opened his pouch. "These are all that I have left, I offer them to you as a gift." He emptied the contents of the soft leather pouch into his hand. They were beautiful stones that shimmered like the surface of water on a calm summer day.
Mia looked at the stones with wonder. She touched them felt a warm hum of energy radiate out from them. She desired them. She wanted them. She imagined them in her bed, the perfect mermaid dreaming stones. But she could not take them. She was not with her people. She was not shedding scales for the lost souls of Atlantis. She was broken and not worthy to take the last possessions of a human who has already suffered so much.
"I can't," she said. And she slipped off into the waves.

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The Purple or "Violet"Flame is an extremely powerful tool used throughout the ages for healing and spiritual protection.
Purple is the highest color in the visible spectrum, with the highest frequency before shifting into a different light reality. It is used in colour healing and for spiritual protection. Amethyst and other purple crystals are highly sought after for their powerful healing abilities.

It controls evil thoughts and self indulgence. It is the perfect crystal for financial transactions, stimulating shrewdness and saving. It is a royal stone and protects its wearer from diseases and illness. But most importantly, Amethyst clears out negative karma. Symptoms such as financial problems and poor health can be manifestations of accumulated negative karma.
The natural flow of light and energy through the body and mind becomes blocked when there is an accumulation of negative karma. Amethyst clears out these blocks, allowing the divine light and energy source to channel through you to keep you happy, healthy and powerful.

Amethyst is believed to be able to bridge the space between mankind and the divine. The Egyptians used it for burial purposes and the near eastern cultures encrusted the tree of life with precious deep purple amethyst crystals. It has amazing properties for enhancing psychic abilities and creative energies. It is a muse. When you are in a slump and need stimulation or just a fresh idea, meditate on or wear amethyst and you will not be disappointed!

*****Himalayan Pink Salt*****
Himalayan salt ionizes the environment around it and cleanses out toxins and energetic blocks which prevent the even flow in and out of the body. Wearing this amazing orgone charm will help to clear up the blockages that cause us to retain negative energies, and in turn gain weight.
Let go of your baggage.
Associated with the root (base) chakra, himalayan pink salt purifies and dispels junk. Spiritual junk. Emotional junk. Physical junk and house hold junk (well….)
Sodium and chloride are toxic by them selves. But when paired together they create something magical and essential. We would die without salt.
Got that? Flat line. Boom. Out.
Made popular by salt lamps (which are super cool and bad ass and I have a bunch of them), himalayan salt is only now gaining the momentum and appreciation that I think that it deserves. It is widely available but don’t let that fool you as to it’s value and importance as a crystal. Rarity does not negate power.
Salt absorbs and eliminates. Flush out the unwanted and be refreshed.
Be clean. Be pure. Be salty.

Long considered the “Queen of gems” Opal is not only powerful, but a delight to behold. It gives strength to the eye and therefore a true stone for seeking wisdom and vision. Manifestation finds us when we can see more clearly what it is that our inner heart desires. Colors of the Violet Flame and deep ocean mysteries can be seen in the telling apparitions that seem to dance in the light and spectrum of it’s reflective and original light. Devas, fairies and sprites dance in the spaces between its shimmering beauty.
The birthstone of October, it is a favorite gift of many and is considered a very lucky stone.
I use opals for inner work. Opal calls to light workers. Come one, come all. Visions inspired by crystal energy practices with opal reveal incredibly insightful mysteries and secrets that perhaps you never realized you were capable of having. Wake up to your Cosmic Consciousness as your dream of Earth becomes an adventure for your hungry spirit.
Wisdom Teachings.
Opal calms nerves and is a protection stone. It is especially powerful to help the spirit/soul feel more comfortable living in a human body. Women have used it to ease PMS and menopausal symptoms and help with conception. Also a wonderful stone for “baby blues”.
It is a highly sexually charged stone.
Love your body. Trust your insight. Use your spirit’s eye to see all the glory that you are harboring. Release. Trust. Be at peace.


Each piece I create contains Quartz. Quartz is the power player of Orgonite® energy generators. Without it, orgone accumulates negative OR (orgone energy) but cannot convert it. Quartz is the key player in Orgonite® that cleanses the negative energy.

Clear quartz has been referred to as the "supreme gift of mother earth"... the ancients believed these stone to be alive taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and so many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the divine... It can accelerate the fulfillment of prayers and intensify healing and spiritual growth." Also a very powerful tool for manifesting of goals.

Wearing and meditating on clear quartz opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, allowing the realm of the spirit to be transmitted and translated into the world of physical form."

This is a one of a kind piece. The polished surface makes for an excellent rubbing stone for meditation and concentration. Orgone loves to be touched!

"Orgonite" is a word used to describe devices made of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials usually cast in a crystalized fiberglass resin. They naturally generate orgone energy which is a the way birkland energy currents materialize in physical matter.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birkeland_current<br />
The Earth generates it's own energy field and all living organisms are sensitive to it's vibrations. In today's busy society we are blasting ourselves with EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) and many people are demonstrating physical responses to this un-natural force field.
Orgonite® pyramids, pendants and "tower busters" are an inexpensive and powerful way to counteract the negative affects of wifi signals, smart meters, cell phone radiation and cell tower frequencies that we can no longer escape in the developed world.

I take great care in making sure that each one of my pieces is made correctly according to Wilhem Reich's descriptions of "vital energy generators" that he discovered/created at the turn of the twentieth century. My crystals are hand picked from local crystal suppliers. I believe in supporting local businesses and it is very important the energies of the crystals I use are pure and vibrant.
I NEVER buy my crystals from an unknown supplier.

Each piece is carefully made over the course of several days and I always make sure that I am feeling clear and open when I make them. If I am stressed or for any reason not feeling well I STOP, and wait until the negative block has passed before I resume any Orgonite® pendant or pyramid. It is critical to me that I be able to feel loving energy and that I am open to the messages coming from the crystals I use.

Please contact me if you have any questions about how I make them or if you need a specific area addressed in your life. I can direct you to the perfect piece or if I don't have it, I will make it for you.

Peace, blessing and joy. -Elizabeth

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