Sacred Feminine Orgonite® Pyramid- Moon Cycles Orgone Energy Pyramids- Fertility- Hormone Balancing- Empowering Feminine Energy Orgonite

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Sacred Feminine Orgonite® Pyramid- Moon Cycles Orgone Energy Pyramids- Fertility- Hormone Balancing- Empowering Feminine Energy Orgonite
Pyramid measures 3.5" at the base and 3" tall.

This lovely gentle orgonite pyramid is packed with empowering feminine energy. A cluster of opal crystals is wrapped in a copper spiral shield at the apex. Beneath it floats a cloud of organic lavender, cleansing himalayan pink salt, clear quartz and rose petals. Stardust and iron powder make up the center which is resting on a base of brass shavings and more stardust with clear quartz powder blended into the bottom. This pyramid balances hormones and restores energy and empowers. It has strong fertility energy and is tuned for gentleness. This orgonite pyramid relaxes, calms and relieves stress.

I have a secret.
My darling beloved, I must warn you that there is not turning back from this moment. There is no going back. But trust me you wont want comes with a price. Ignorance is not bliss, it's damn expensive.

My secret will cost you your ignorance.

Before the birth of this age magic did not exist as we know it today. It was a sneeze. A smile. A time of day. It was experienced by everyone with so much frequency that it didn't have a name, a creed or a guardian. No one knew that it could be stolen away from us.

You see my beloved, magic was so ubiquitous that it was a part of us and not considered a separate thing. It was our first sense. Before taste, touch, sight and sound there was magic. We could see the light that radiated from the trees and stones. Glowing blue and pink lights! We could hear the chorus of the clouds and stars, we could taste all the colors of a rainbow and we could feel the heartbeat of the Earth.

We spoke only with love and intention, because speaking, my love, speaking is how we connected the pearls of creation together and built temples of music and dwellings for all things. But not all was well with the world.

You see my love, there was a certain god who was jealous of our magic. He had technology and armies and fortresses across the galaxy, he was strong and powerful, but he did not have magic. He did not have love. He was deaf, dumb and blind to the source of magic power.

For eight hundred years he tried to woo us into aligning with him and his fleet. He and his army of demi gods lit up the skies with their cosmic circus acts. You see, my beloved, only humans posses true magic and there is much that remains a mystery. No one is exactly sure where the human template came from. But it is the favorite modeling clay of the builder gods. They have copied us and tried to mix their blood with ours in an effort to capture the magic for themselves. Hybrid races exist all through the galaxy. But none of them posses what we do.

He wanted the power to speak into existence his armies and weapons. He wanted to think of a thing and have it be so. He wanted to be able to do what we could. But when we saw that there was no love in his heart we said no. And so the great siege began.

In an effort to circumvent our resistance he devised a plan so unspeakable that the very fabric of space time ripped apart and Earth fell from her spindle and has been cascading backwards through the heavens ever since.

Great numbers of humans were kidnapped. Their memories were stolen and the knowledge of magic was forgotten. The fist and last thing that we saw was the white light of his laboratories and holding facilities. Instead of the soft blue orgone glow of our first source, our memory of creation was distorted and replaced with something hard twisted and unnatural. The white light of his engineering nightmare. Magic was recast as a source of evil and darkness. We developed a taste for meat and violence. We became like him. Thus was born the age of suffering.

But there were a precious few who escaped. They were spirited away and found refuge with the Monachim, cat beings and elementals of the spirit world. They preserved the knowledge of magic and the heart song of our ancestors. It was a dangerous task but slowly, they came back and began to dwell amongst us. They established schools of wisdom, schools of gnosis. They reintroduced a pure DNA, the original human template. They have been shamed, killed and persecuted by their own, out of ignorance and fear. But they have something more resilient than any known mineral, weapon or lie in the universe, they have love and the magic that comes with it.

Thus my beloved, our power grows stronger with each passing generation. The secret is that this power has almost fully re-developed and we are at a tipping point. There are enough of us now, living, breathing and loving on Earth to begin the recovery of our ancient memories and original form. The true human template.

How do we do that you ask? By using our love as magic. With each word we speak we cast a spell. Speak with love, love with purpose and listen to your heart song. We know that something is wrong. We feel the ache of the ancient lie like a pounding of bone against an iron cage. The emptiness of a life without magic follows us like a shadow without light. Don't be afraid darling beloved, don't be afraid of the magic inside of you. Speak your truth and together we can tip the scales back.

We can return to our original state as we were intended to be. The jealous god is still lusting for our magic. He will never have it as long as we remain true to our heart song. We can put the Earth back in her upright position and heal the scar that streaks across the night sky.

I have seen your future, and it is wonderful but it is not certain. The fate of the human template hangs in a perilous balance. But alas, I am weary from my travels. It is time for me rest for a while. Will you preserve the secret my beloved? Will you take my place and initiate others into the gnosis of the sacred magic? Please say yes. You are more powerful that you know.

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******Rose Petals******
Roses are rich in meaning and symbolism. In the West, we are most familiar with its association with eternal love and passion, but the powers of roses are much further reaching that just matters of the heart.
The Tarot, the rose appears several times in the major Arcana (The Fool, Strength, Magician and Death). These cards are all associated with renewal and balance. In short, roses bring about the closing and beginning of cycles.
In alchemy the rose brings order. It is associated with the sacred number seven (the divine number). Seven is the union of man and God consciousness, some would call this to supreme love which is what many faiths ultimately strive to achieve. Nirvana, Simadhi, Enlightenment, Ascension and Apotheosis are some its many names.
As a symbol for love, the rose is much more than lust. The sub rosa is timeless balance between two or more. I brings passion, honor and wisdom to our lives.

Lavender has been used for physical and spiritual cleansing since ancient times. This beautiful purple bush contains masculine energies and contains the warrior’s spirit. It is associated with the planet Mercury. But it is also holds the creative life giving power of the feminine.

Lavendula angustifolia is the bridge between dualities. Light and Dark, male and female, ephemeral and constant. It is an herb of love and its uses in love spells and divination date back to antiquity. It represents fertility and abundance. Love, prosperity and protection. Lavender’s many spiritual and energetic qualities could fill books.

Associated with air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius in the zodiac, lavender elevates and calms. It is claimed to boost memory and motivate. The energetic properties of lavender provide an exquisite marriage with crystals and orgonite. Lavender and salt are the dynamic duo of of organic layering in orgonite pyramids and pendants.
Fragrant lavender has been used for everything from asperging potions by pagans and alchemist, to incense in medieval churches for warding off evil spirits. Both secular and non recognized the powerful healing and motivational properties of this versatile herb.
From magic to ministry, lavender transcends titles, schisms and prejudice, it brings love, healing and bounty to those who ask.

Long considered the “Queen of gems” Opal is not only powerful, but a delight to behold. It gives strength to the eye and therefore a true stone for seeking wisdom and vision. Manifestation finds us when we can see more clearly what it is that our inner heart desires. Colors of the Violet Flame and deep ocean mysteries can be seen in the telling apparitions that seem to dance in the light and spectrum of it’s reflective and original light. Devas, fairies and sprites dance in the spaces between its shimmering beauty.
The birthstone of October, it is a favorite gift of many and is considered a very lucky stone.
I use opals for inner work. Opal calls to light workers. Come one, come all. Visions inspired by crystal energy practices with opal reveal incredibly insightful mysteries and secrets that perhaps you never realized you were capable of having. Wake up to your Cosmic Consciousness as your dream of Earth becomes an adventure for your hungry spirit.
Wisdom Teachings.
Opal calms nerves and is a protection stone. It is especially powerful to help the spirit/soul feel more comfortable living in a human body. Women have used it to ease PMS and menopausal symptoms and help with conception. Also a wonderful stone for “baby blues”.
It is a highly sexually charged stone.
Love your body. Trust your insight. Use your spirit’s eye to see all the glory that you are harboring. Release. Trust. Be at peace.

*****Himalayan Pink Salt*****
Himalayan salt ionizes the environment around it and cleanses out toxins and energetic blocks which prevent the even flow in and out of the body. Wearing this amazing orgone charm will help to clear up the blockages that cause us to retain negative energies, and in turn gain weight.
Let go of your baggage.
Associated with the root (base) chakra, himalayan pink salt purifies and dispels junk. Spiritual junk. Emotional junk. Physical junk and house hold junk (well….)
Sodium and chloride are toxic by them selves. But when paired together they create something magical and essential. We would die without salt.
Got that? Flat line. Boom. Out.
Made popular by salt lamps (which are super cool and bad ass and I have a bunch of them), himalayan salt is only now gaining the momentum and appreciation that I think that it deserves. It is widely available but don’t let that fool you as to it’s value and importance as a crystal. Rarity does not negate power.
Salt absorbs and eliminates. Flush out the unwanted and be refreshed.
Be clean. Be pure. Be salty.


Each piece I create contains Quartz. Quartz is the power player of Orgonite® energy generators. Without it, orgone accumulates negative OR (orgone energy) but cannot convert it. Quartz is the key player in Orgonite® that cleanses the negative energy.

Clear quartz has been referred to as the "supreme gift of mother earth"... the ancients believed these stone to be alive taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and so many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the divine... It can accelerate the fulfillment of prayers and intensify healing and spiritual growth." Also a very powerful tool for manifesting of goals.

Wearing and meditating on clear quartz opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, allowing the realm of the spirit to be transmitted and translated into the world of physical form."

This is a one of a kind piece. The polished surface makes for an excellent rubbing stone for meditation and concentration. Orgonite loves to be touched!

"Orgonite" is a word used to describe devices made of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials usually cast in a crystalized fiberglass resin. They naturally generate orgone energy which is a the way birkland energy currents materialize in physical matter.

The Earth generates it's own energy field and all living organisms are sensitive to it's vibrations. In today's busy society we are blasting ourselves with EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) and many people are demonstrating physical responses to this un-natural force field.
Orgonite® pyramids, pendants and "tower busters" are an inexpensive and powerful way to counteract the negative affects of wifi signals, smart meters, cell phone radiation and cell tower frequencies that we can no longer escape in the developed world.

I take great care in making sure that each one of my pieces is made correctly according to Wilhem Reich's descriptions of "vital energy generators" that he discovered/created at the turn of the twentieth century. My crystals are hand picked from local crystal suppliers. I believe in supporting local businesses and it is very important the energies of the crystals I use are pure and vibrant.
I NEVER buy my crystals from an unknown supplier.

Each piece is carefully made over the course of several days and I always make sure that I am feeling clear and open when I make them. If I am stressed or for any reason not feeling well I STOP, and wait until the negative block has passed before I resume any Orgonite® pendant or pyramid. It is critical to me that I be able to feel loving energy and that I am open to the messages coming from the crystals I use.

Please contact me if you have any questions about how I make them or if you need a specific area addressed in your life. I can direct you to the perfect piece or if I don't have it, I will make it for you.

Peace, blessing and joy. -Elizabeth

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