Orgone Energy Chakra Set Gold- Healing Reiki Chakra Energy- Crystal Set- Sacred Geometry- Chakra Stones- Grounding Chakra Orgone Set of 7


Orgone Energy Chakra Set Gold- Healing Reiki Chakra Energy- Crystal Set- Sacred Geometry- Chakra Stones- Grounding Chakra Orgone Set of 7
each disk measures 1-1/2" (38 mm) in diameter x 1/2" (12.7 mm) deep

Four months in the making......
This ambitious project was inspired by my friend Tanya, a Reiki master who was looking for a tool to help ground out, balance and align her clients chakras. After working together we came up with this design. Each chakra disk contains carefully sourced crystals which are known to channel specific energy to its specific chakra.
Each of the seven orgone energy disks was cast separately during different phases of the moon. It took four months to complete. Hold them in your hands to focus on a specific chakra energy median or gently lay them over your body at each energy center for a deep, healing mediation. The ways they can be used is limited only by your imagination. A beautiful set perfect for display when not meditating with them, the healing orgone energy vortex will circulate throughout your sacred space to provide full time protection from negative energies and spirits.
Perfect for empaths, Reiki, intuitive psychics, yoga, meditation and even clearing out static energy from the office and home. If you have any questions please contact me.
Love and blessings,

There is a legend.
There is a shadow. The stories date back to beginning. A time when the first dreams appeared on Earth. They whispered her name with fear and wonder and reverence. The Phoenix.
Ashes. Fire. Energy. Birth.
In 1877 a journal was found. Most of the pages were missing. It was blood stained. It belonged to an unnamed explorer who claimed to be only survivor of a failed expedition into the forbidden mountains of the Indian subcontinent. The final entry, however was still intact.....mostly.....

"I know not what day or month or year I am in. So many seasons have past since I last saw you, my beloved Anne. Captain Fitzgerald drifts in and out of consciousness now. I fear that the wounds he has suffered will be mortal. Nicolas and Percy disappeared three days ago. Even in his sleep, the captain holds tight to the key he wears about his neck. The key to the chest with Her feathers.
I will not violate him.
I will wait.
My dear Anne, would you believe me if I told you that it glows? Sometimes chest is too heavy to lift and other times, I swear it levitates. They speak to me when I sleep. Her feathers....
(page missing)
I haven't slept though. The pain in my stomach keeps me from doing so. I am sustained on the meager cave beetles and blind fish that I try to catch. When the snow clears, I fear that I will have the make the journey alone. Our guides refused to come into the cave and have gone away.
I can hear her song in the evening. The ghost of Lilith haunts me for what we have done. The thought of you is the only thing that keeps me going. And Her feathers.
My love, I cannot describe the curiosities of that chest. I must admit that boredom is not amongst the long list of ailments from which I suffer. I have visions. She whispers. She speaks. It is as though each time she incarnates the treasure we stole transforms along with her. I fear that she will.... (illegible).
Please forgive me."

I traded a sherpa in Diameer province, Pakistan for the journal and the chest. I gave him a pair of AirJordans, Best of Toto CD and my favorite silver necklace. He thought I was cheated.

After being detained by customs (The TSA does not approve glowing, levitating boxes as a carry on item), and paying a lock smith to get the darn thing open, the contents were revealed.....

When the days were long and the sun hung low, I opened a bottle 2007 Caymus Cabernet and created a masterpiece. My magnum opus.
Behold.... I offer to you the first ever Phoenix feather orgone energy amulet (available exclusively here. EarthWavesOrgone Etsy store).

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Base Chakra
Hematite is a seeker crystal. We are all physical beings on a spiritual path. What is waiting for you to be discovered? What secret will you reveal to the world? Astral projection and time travel come with ease to those with the gnosis of hematite. Calm and clear you mind. Let your self become more receptive to the messages which shower us from our collective genetic memory and spirit guides.

Hematite in powdered form turns a brilliant ochre red. Like our flesh bodies…. the essence of hematite is transformed as you look inside……

Do you already travel off planet and through light portals but have difficulty remembering what you encounter? Sleep and meditate with hematite and you will be amazed with what you come back with! Grow or begin your communications with the spirit world with hematite.

*****Red Jasper*****
Jasper is a nurturing Earth element stone. It is aligned with the electromagnetic field of the Earth and a wonderful “source” stone. Practice earthing with jasper by standing on the bare Earth with your toes in the dirt or sand. Jasper will reconnect you with your primal energy source and ground out scattered chaotic energies.

Relieve stress and bring tranquility back into your life and sacred space with Jasper. Use it to increase mental focus and ward off negative thoughts and nightmares.

Jasper expands awareness and will help you see a higher perspective. The big picture as seen by our Earth Mother. See what she sees. Hear what she hears. Find your place and supreme purpose on your Earth journey. If you are lost…. Jasper is your compass.

*******Snowflake Obsidian********
Snowflake Obsidian is a volcanic crystal. It is associated with the root chakra and our base needs. Feeling loved and accepted is the most elementary of our emotional and spiritual journey. Snowflake Obsidian dispels negative energies and brings a sense of purpose and place. If you are feeling lost, or misdirected on your Earth journey, meditate on this beautiful black crystal to recenter and recalibrate your higher purpose.
It is a calming stone and great for sleep and dream therapy. If you are the subject of spiritual abuse or under the negative influence of another, snowflake obsidian is a powerful weapon to protect yourself with.
The “flakes” are Cristobalite minerals that form inside the cooled lava. It clears negative thinking and is a beautiful crystal to use in any practice including crystal grids, ogonite and as a pocket stone. Place snowflake obsidian in the windows to ward off negative energies and place one under your pillow if you are prone to night terrors or bad dreams.

Sacral Charka

Moonstone, a crystal of the moon, the sacred feminine, the lover of the (masculine) Sun. Like the moon, moonstone is reflective, it reveals truth. It brings light to dark and guides us in times of uncertainty.
It is perfect for travelers because it illuminates our path. What ever your journey may be keep moonstone close by for wisdom and revelation when the road forks.
Moonstone is associated with the sacral and crown chakras. It opens the mind and the body in divine and sexual union. It is a fertility stone and strong psychic amplifier.
Women may wish to meditate with moonstone and the sacred feminine to assist with hormones, reproduction and menopause.
Moonstone has strong kundalini energy and is a great tool for reiki and chakra healing.

Creativity. Learning. Information acquisition and retainment. The milky red tones of red carnelian which is actually a type of chalcedony are so earthy and warm. I want to drink it in with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg!
Curiosity. Courage and drama! Spark a little passion and intensity into your life by keeping red carnelian around. It is a highly sexual stone. I like to imagine that the streets of Moulin Rouge are paved with this highly activated crystal. ;)
Burst out of your shell (collective and personal) and speak boldly. The world is your oyster and discover it with reckless abandon! Red carnelian inspires greatness and boldness.
Carnelian is associated with the second or Sacral chakra (below the navel). Roots and grounding give the foundation to burst out and be who we designed to be and while you’re at it…. change the world and make it the beautiful, loving place we all wish it to be.

******Orange Calcite*******

Solar Plexus Chakra
*****Tiger’s Eye*****
The chatoyant layers of these crystals dance and glow in even the dimmest light.

Tiger's Eye is regarded by the ancients to be a balancing stone. The alternating layers of light and dark bring us back to our ancient connections. It is regarded as a healing and good fortune stone. Not only does it bring abundance and wealth, it generates natural wisdom and good judgement to maintain it.

Tiger's Eye warns against stagnation and inspires boldness. This orgone talisman is for anyone with grand ideas and ambitions. Tiger’s eye will help you to realize your ideas. It brings sharpness and focus, just the thing that a highly gifted mind needs. Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of vision.

Brilliant yellow and gold this sunny crystal promotes wealth and prosperity. Associated with the Solar Plexus chakra and the crown chakra, citrine protects against broken relationships and opens one’s mind to joyful thinking. Protect yourself from troublesome ghosts, and familiar spirits who mean you harm.
Abundance, amplification of personal energies and creative muses gravitate toward this charming yellow crystal.
Be healed.
Be happy.
Be prosperous.

*****Yellow Jasper*****
Jasper is a nurturing Earth element stone. It is aligned with the electromagnetic field of the Earth and a wonderful “source” stone. Practice earthing with jasper by standing on the bare Earth with your toes in the dirt or sand. Jasper will reconnect you with your primal energy source and ground out scattered chaotic energies.

Relieve stress and bring tranquility back into your life and sacred space with Jasper. Use it to increase mental focus and ward off negative thoughts and nightmares.

Jasper expands awareness and will help you see a higher perspective. The big picture as seen by our Earth Mother. See what she sees. Hear what she hears. Find your place and supreme purpose on your Earth journey. If you are lost…. Jasper is your compass.

Heart Chakra

Are you feeling lucky? Well are yah?
With aventurine you most certainly will. Considered the luckiest of all stones (now that’s saying something) aventurine will increase your odds at all types of activities associated with luck. Vegas baby! Take it to court, wear it for an interview, the final exam, a first date, or the races. Aventurine generates happy and prosperous outcomes to iffy situations. I call my own personal luck potion.
When you win the lotto please remember me.
Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and brings calm and mediation to troubled relationships. Nervous energies and analytical tendencies (ADD) melt away with this beautiful crystal.

*****Rose Quartz*****
A love crystal. Rose quartz speaks to the heart and heart chakra. Fear, isolation, distrust, emotional wounds and resentment are targeted by the healing energies of rose quartz. When the heart shuts down, it is nearly impossible to feel satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Trauma, sexual abuse, confusion and neglect are all issues targeted by rose quartz.

Rose quartz opens up the loving energies that affect self-esteem and self image. It is a powerful weight loss stone. Opening up to love means loving our selves, and permitting ourselves the supreme gift of love. This is the queen of all crystals. Who’s kingdom is love.

This is one of my favorite crystals. A true power player. Feminine, powerful and patient. Rose quartz has no crystal faces, edges or terminations. It is soft, curved and fluid. Like loving feminine energy a truly unique crystal.

*******Moss Agate******

Throat Chakra

******Blue Apetite*******
Deep Ocean Blue. Deep thought and communication. Set goals. Reach them. Get motivated and break out of any stagnation or apathy that is holding you back from achieving what you know you can do! Blue apetite bridges worlds and permits your higher self and spirit guides to communicate.
Stimulate psychic powers with blue apetite. Grow in your spiritual journey and set goals for your higher self as well. It is associated with the throat and brow (third eye) chakra. It heals, transforms and teaches.
In addition, blue apetite is a great weight loss stone. It curves hunger and decreases the desire to over eat.
Expand your awareness with blue apetite.

*******Blue Lace Agate******
This gorgeous soft blue crystal brings a sense of calm and understanding. Blue Lace Agate is an emotional calibrator which brings extreme feelings of isolation, anger and even disconnect caused by rapid cycle style bi-polar mood swings.
Blue Lace Agate builds confidence and reinforces the inner voice of knowing. Release self-doubt, release out of control emotions. This harmonizing stone is the emotional stabilizer of the crystal world.
Associated with the brow chakra, Blue Lace Agate put vision into focus and resonates with the pineal gland.

The angel’s crystal. Use Angelite to make contact with your angels. A psychic’s stone, Angelite raises vibrations by connecting the earth body with the heavenly light body. Use for healing, vision and calm. Associated with the brow chakra Angelite is an often overlooked crystal which deserves a second chance in any crystal collection. Relief stress, anxiety and tension. Known to reduce migraine style headaches Angelite is a fantastic crystal for chakra work and reiki energy healing.

Brow Chakra

Prehenite is a powerful psychic crystal and bridges the space between our world and others. It brings us into communion with our spirit guides and has amazing pre-cognition powers (seeing events before they happen). This makes prehenite a great crystal for business and financial matters.
It is associated with the brow chakra or third eye because it helps us to see into the beyond. It one of only a handful of crystals believed to contain an inherent magical quality to it.
Whether you are casting spells, reading tarot or simply wishing to manifest, prehenite is an excellent tool for your spell box or sacred altar.
It is a healer’s stone, meaning that for energy healers (reiki, empaths, intuitives, energy teachers) or doctors and nurses, it is important to nourish yourself as there is an extra toll on your bio-field as you encounter each patient that you care for. Prehenite does this. Nurture yourself, see the future and connect with your higher self and spirit guides.

Sodalite is the voice of your conscience. It is the Jiminy Cricket of crystals. It balances carnal desires with your inner voice. Sodalite is the loud speaker and bullhorn of your higher self.
It is associated with the Throat Chakra and pineal gland. Sodalite works as a psychic stone by stimulating the pineal gland which is responsible for the body’s production of DMT (the “spirit molecule), and thus opening doors into higher consciousness and deep revelation.
Perhaps one of the most important qualities of Sodalite is that it breaks down personal fears. It gives us the confidence in our selves and by boosting intuition and building trust. It is a powerful truth detector for your self and others. Be empowered, be honest with Sodalite. In Feng Shui it is associated with the water Element.

*****Lapis Lazuli*****
Blue lapis is one of the most ancient precious stones with references dating back to the Pharaohs of Egypt. This stone promotes good judgment, mental clarity and wisdom. Great for students and professionals who need to keep focused. Also for Artists writers and anyone who needs to open up the channel of creative energy. Lapis Lazuli is truly a super power in its own right.

Crown Chakra


Associated with the Crown Chakra, Labradorite illuminates the darkness of the spirit and mind. It is the supreme crystal of visions. A shaman’s stone, it has been used for vision quests, illumination and communication for centuries.
Labradorite protects the aura and heals holes in it caused by curses, fear, trauma and negative thinking. Violet flame. It connects individuals by fostering a feeling of selflessness, altruism and kindness. The perfect crystal for awkward social gatherings and the work place, Labradorite helps to release tensions and reveal the common humanity in each of us. Impulsive behaviors, rudeness and temper tantrums be gone! A great crystal for children and teenagers.
Known to reduce anxiety, PMS and irritability, use Labradorite to create a sense of wholeness as you work to reconnect with your higher self and guides.

The Purple or "Violet"Flame is an extremely powerful tool used throughout the ages for healing and spiritual protection.
Purple is the highest color in the visible spectrum, with the highest frequency before shifting into a different light reality. It is used in colour healing and for spiritual protection. Amethyst and other purple crystals are highly sought after for their powerful healing abilities.

It controls evil thoughts and self indulgence. It is the perfect crystal for financial transactions, stimulating shrewdness and saving. It is a royal stone and protects its wearer from diseases and illness. But most importantly, Amethyst clears out negative karma. Symptoms such as financial problems and poor health can be manifestations of accumulated negative karma.
The natural flow of light and energy through the body and mind becomes blocked when there is an accumulation of negative karma. Amethyst clears out these blocks, allowing the divine light and energy source to channel through you to keep you happy, healthy and powerful.

Amethyst is believed to be able to bridge the space between mankind and the divine. The Egyptians used it for burial purposes and the near eastern cultures encrusted the tree of life with precious deep purple amethyst crystals. It has amazing properties for enhancing psychic abilities and creative energies. It is a muse. When you are in a slump and need stimulation or just a fresh idea, meditate on or wear amethyst and you will not be disappointed!


Each piece I create contains Quartz. Quartz is the power player of Orgone energy generators. Without it, orgone accumulates negative OR (orgone energy) but cannot convert it. Quartz is the key player in Orgone that cleanses the negative energy.
Clear quartz has been referred to as the "supreme gift of mother earth"... the ancients believed these stone to be alive taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and so many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the divine... It can accelerate the fulfillment of prayers and intensify healing and spiritual growth." Also a very powerful tool for manifesting of goals.
Wearing and meditating on clear quartz opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, allowing the realm of the spirit to be transmitted and translated into the world of physical form."
This is a one of a kind piece. The polished surface makes for an excellent rubbing stone for meditation and concentration. Orgone loves to be touched!
“Orgone" is a word used to describe devices made of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials usually cast in a crystalized fiberglass resin. They naturally generate orgone energy which is a the way birkland energy currents materialize in physical matter.
The Earth generates it's own energy field and all living organisms are sensitive to it's vibrations. In today's busy society we are blasting ourselves with EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) and many people are demonstrating physical responses to this un-natural force field.
Orgone pyramids, pendants and "tower busters" are an inexpensive and powerful way to counteract the negative affects of wifi signals, smart meters, cell phone radiation and cell tower frequencies that we can no longer escape in the developed world.
I take great care in making sure that each one of my pieces is made correctly according to Wilhem Reich's descriptions of "vital energy generators" that he discovered/created at the turn of the twentieth century. My crystals are hand picked from local crystal suppliers. I believe in supporting local businesses and it is very important the energies of the crystals I use are pure and vibrant.
I NEVER buy my crystals from an unknown supplier.
Each piece is carefully made over the course of several days and I always make sure that I am feeling clear and open when I make them. If I am stressed or for any reason not feeling well I STOP, and wait until the negative block has passed before I resume any Orgone pendant or pyramid. It is critical to me that I be able to feel loving energy and that I am open to the messages coming from the crystals I use.
Please contact me if you have any questions about how I make them or if you need a specific area addressed in your life. I can direct you to the perfect piece or if I don't have it, I will make it for you.

Peace, blessing and joy. -Elizabeth

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