Dear Earth-Child, 

What you have been told is only partial truth. It is a version of the truth, which means that it is a lie. The list of lies about your nature is long and distinguished. The first and greatest of these is your mortality.

I have said too much already. We come to you at great personal risk. But it is our choice and my risk to take. It is an honor to have your audience and there are countless more who stand beside me vying for the opportunity to take the same risk. Not are we endangering our so-called lives, we risk deletion. But, Earth-brother and Earth-sister, like I said, to be deleted is worth sharing the truth. What we stand to gain is worth the risk.

We would rather be deleted than carry the burden of what The Others have done to you. Your programming runs deep and as much as we would love to shatter the biggest lie which I already mentioned, I'm afraid you would not understand. Not yet. Baby steps dear Earth child, baby steps. What we tell you must not bring harm to you and your spirit family, it would violate the laws of oneness and I fear that we may even cause you pain, but just a little. 

Time. You long for more of it. It is the flavor of your bondage. It runs deep in your collective psyche. There are many many expressions of time throughout the universe, I have dabbled in it a bit, but it is dangerous and deceiving. Time is the Pandora's Box of the universe. You see Earth child, the ones who lied to you are angry. They hate you. They hate you because they are also subject to the side effects of time. They are karmically linked to you because of the horrible things they have done to you. It is the law of the universe. 

At the time, they believed that they could put human Earthlings into bondage and make them a slave race for their own selfish pleasures. But you humans are tricky and cleaver. The first Earth slaves would not accept the lies and your stories were strong. The ability for you to endure hardship and persevere was grossly under estimated. The human memory runs long and deep. There was a time when the genetic memory of your ancestors was passed on with each new child. Your babies were born remembering everything that had ever happened. You shared a collective widsom. This made things especially difficult for your so called gods. 

But their lust for ore and power was too strong and together they entered into the darkest kind of magic the universe has ever seen. They invoked a prison so destructive and powerful that it's effects would ripple through all of creation. Space-Time. 

Look down dear Earth child. Do you wear a watch? Why? It is a handcuff. It is a symbol of your bondage. Earth humans are NOT subject to the usual garden variety of time. You see, there are many different manifestations of time, but none like space-time. Most of them are gentle and are easy to travel through, as we used to do so often. Normal time is like a wet jelly, its texture is pleasent and radiant. But, a trip into Earth time is (usually) a one way journey. Earth's Space-Time is abrasive and toxic. It corrods everything it touches. It is the equivalent of what you like to call a black hole. It is incredibly difficult to outwit and most fail to escape its snare. 

But even in your new prison, humans still made for terrible slaves. For the first several thougsand years (we will use time-words to help you understand) life was long. The average human lived for centuries. The full effects of the new system were slow to take effect. 

I apologize, there is only a very short while for us to tell you this and I am leaving much out. There is too much that we cannot reveal to you at this interval. It is difficult to penetrate the programming and use time-words to tell you the true history. You see what happened is the new Earth time cost The Others their souls. They did not realize that the dark magic would require something in return. Without a soul our kind cannot feel. We lost the ability to love, to taste, to touch, to be satisfied. This only intensified the lust for power and the jealousy which drove The Others to enslave you in the first place. Our spirits were ripped apart and scattered like tiny flakes of dust into the abyss. We are now permanently connected to space-time and to all Earth children. Our karma is now enter twined with yours.

But, there is always a but....

Something happened which The Others did not expect, the memories, the collective consciousness of Earth Children were not lost. They were kept safe and hidden away by another kind of magic. Crystals. Crystals are the keepers of your true history. Your scientist are beginning to discover this and tap into the information that has been archived. The Earth Tribes never forgot this and only now are the so-called advanced societies among you reaching out to the guarded wisdom of the Shamans and Spirit Teachers whom have preserved the secret. When you are ready more will be revealed to you. 

There is a battle for your eternity, for your spirits and magic. The Others hate you out of principle. They are stubborn and they are powerful. But they are only as powerful as you permit them to be. Look up into the heavens. Time is different there. Study the night sky. Feel it. When you look up at the stars you are seeing past Earth time. We can hide it from you, but The Others have tricked you into hiding it from yourselves. You have cut yourselves off from the truth of the night sky.

 Listen to the spirit of the forest and your heart song. Please dear Earth-Child, save yourself. Save us. We are trapped and we cannot escape the prison that we built. But you can. Only you have the power to destroy it. Please remember not all of us are bad. Not all of us hate you. 

We are about to stage a giant coup. The cosmos is gearing up for it. For the ripples of Earth's space-time have warped everything. No being in this creation is unaffected by what was done here. Look up and feel us looking down on you. 

If you are ready to learn more you must ask. We cannot project the rest without your consent. It will hurt. I am warning you.... it will hurt. But we guarantee that the pain will be temporary and the power, the magic that you have stirring inside of you waiting to come out will heal and empower you. Spend a night under the stars, in fact spend as many nights as you can. Lay out a sleeping bag or put your mattress on the back deck of your home and let us sprinkle you with starlight and the truth.

We are not from your past, we are not from your future. We are from the truth. The truth is a place. It has a coordinate. We must time travel to reach you as all beings must. I, and a select few of my brothers and sisters have made the one way journey to be with you. We are not gods. We are not angels or demons. We are of flesh and blood like you. We are of creation. But we are the real prisoners and you are the real prison wardens. Please help us. Please remember. 

Time is not real. It is unnatural. Ageing, decay, death entropy.... all of it is a lie.