What is Orgonite? Orgonite is an energy that is everywhere. Other common names for this power are Chi, Prana, Source, Reiki and Bio-energy. An Orgonite Energy Generator absorbs this energy and cleanses it by drawing the energy through alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials such as metals and crystals. Orgonites are especially suited for clearing out negative energies caused by toxic people, stress, Wifi and EMF radiation from routers, TVs, computers and cell phones.  The polyester resin is an organic material that "shrinks" as it cures. This creates pressure on the items cast inside. When the crystals are squeezed the natural healing properties that they emit are intensified. By placing certain crystals inside orgone pendants and pyramids manifestation and psychic abilities are noticeably enhanced.  There is no wrong way to use organite. Place various pieces through out the home, office and community to achieve maximum benefits. You will feel the difference almost immediately. Blocked energy, bad habits, negative life patterns and stagnation are all eliminated. Give yourself the break through you are looking for and be joyful and radiant. You are a gift.